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Turkey Has 40% of the World Marble Potential


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Turkey Has 40% of the World Marble Potential

June 27, 2018

Turkey Has 40% of the World Marble Potential

According to General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA) reports, Turkey has 13.9 billion tons of (5.1 billion m3) marble reserve as the total of visible, potential and possible. That means Turkey has 40% of the world marble potential. As of today, Turkey's visible reserve has only 1.6 billion tons of marble which means Turkey is able to meet the world's marble need for the next 80 years with its current reserve.

Within Turkey marble sector, there are more than 2.400 quarries, 2.000 factories and 9.000 workshops. The export potential of the sector is rapidly developing in parallel with the investments. Between 2003 and 2016, Turkey's natural stone exports increased by 333% from 1.5 million tons to 6.5 million tons.

A photo from Milas Lilac quarry

In 2006, Turkey ranked 5th in the world's marble exports but in ten years, it has risen to the 1st place and still retains its place. 

Turkey has made a total of $ 860 million worth marble and travertine exports in 2016. Thus, Turkey was ranked in the 1st place performing 45.7% of world marble and travertine exports. The share of other countries in total marble and travertine exports is; Italy with 18.6%, Greece with 8.7%, Spain with 8.2% and Portugal with 3.5%.

Sezgin Marble has always been one of the leading marble export companies in Turkey and keeps growing in parallel with the sector. In 2017, our export volume increased by 60% in comparison with 2016. The objective of Sezgin Marble for 2018 is to raise the contribution to total marble and travertine exports of Turkey by increasing its export volume by 30%.